Guy Ecker

Guy Ecker

Named by the Latin edition of People magazine (Latin Edition) as one of Latin America’s most beautiful people, Guy Ecker has received “Best Leading Actor” awards from the Entertainment Critics Association in New York and the Association of Critics and Commentators of the Arts in Miami.  He was also given two people’s choice awards by “TV y Novelas” in Mexico City and Colombia. 

Ecker was born in Brazil, raised in Latin America, and speaks three languages fluently.  As a child, he acted in several plays and was cast in two commercials for the U.S. market. 

After graduating from high school, Ecker moved to the U.S. for the first time, where he attended the University of Texas in Austin.  At the same time, he trained horses and taught dance lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studios.

He caught the acting bug while studying international business, then moved to Los Angeles after obtaining his degree.  While waiting for his first acting break, he waited tables and ran a translation and dubbing company.  Leads in two independent films followed. 

After co-starring in a third, he accepted an acting job in Colombia in the mini-series, “La Otra Raya del Tigre” – which was so successful that the network cast him in “Café con aroma de mujer.”   “Café” was not only an overwhelming success, it opened the door to an international market.   Ecker began receiving offers from all over Latin America, before signing a contract with the world’s largest Spanish-speaking network, Televisa, in Mexico City. 

He starred in two more highly-rated telenovelas for Televisa: “La Mentira”and “Salome,” which made him a household name among Hispanic viewers in the U.S. 

Now one of the most popular Spanish-speaking actors in the world, Ecker most recently spent the last two years in a recurring role on NBC’s primetime series, “Las Vegas.”

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