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Jeff Fahey

Born in Olean, New York, Jeff Fahey moved to Buffalo when he was 10 and attended Father Baker's High School.  Following graduation in 1972, he traveled around the world doing odd jobs – including crewing on a fishing boat, driving an ambulance in Germany, living on a Kibbutz in Israel and spending time in India.

He then returned to Buffalo and joined the Studio Arena Theatre.  From there, Fahey moved to New York City, where he studied with Myra Rastova and began performing in off-Broadway theatre and daytime television dramas.  He is a co-founder of the American Road Production Workshop Series at the Raft Theater in New York. 

Fahey first gained attention as a motion picture actor in Lawrence Kasdan's "Silverado," in which he played Brian Dennehy's deputy, a cold-blooded killer with a thirst for vengeance.

He went onto to star in the acclaimed live television play, "The Execution of Raymond Graham," and the TNT mini-series, "444 Days."   He starred for over two years in the daytime serial, "One Life To Live."  On stage, he has also appeared in the Broadway revival of "Brigadoon," toured with "Oklahoma," performed in Paris in "West Side Story," and in London in "Orphans" with Albert Finney.

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